Everyday Miracles #1: Turtle Eggs

by Adrienne Head “I wanted to share an interesting moment that occurred in our front yard. I was returning from walking the dogs when suddenly the male dog started barking like crazy at something by out front entrance way. I turned to see a big brown turtle sitting in the freshly laid mulch. The turtleContinue reading “Everyday Miracles #1: Turtle Eggs”

Connecting with our Star Siblings ~ by Sue

7/24/22 A 666 Adventure with a portal in Minnesota on Sue’s property. Hi guys!  Do you remember when I spoke of doing a session with my psychic medium friend, Becky, and the information that came thru was in regard to the 6-6-6 Portal opening  today,  6-6-2022?  Well, this article contains information from that channeling.   IContinue reading “Connecting with our Star Siblings ~ by Sue”

Conversations with Company of Heaven-Part 1

Rob: This is Rob intending to have a conversation with my primary guide, my beloved Humfire … Humfries. Please come talk to me. I know you’ve said it’s not our way to communicate so much this way. It’s more nonverbal, but there’s no reason we can’t. I open myself to have a conversation with you.Continue reading “Conversations with Company of Heaven-Part 1”

Lightworkers as Lighthouses

by Rob Loveland, June 27th, 2022 Many lightworkers find themselves at a crossroad, struggling with what they should be doing in these times of increasing turmoil. I was in that same boat … for many years. We prepare by honing our spiritual skills, all the while hoping for clarity regarding when they will be needed.Continue reading “Lightworkers as Lighthouses”

Our team in the creation process: a channeling

Jennifer channeling   3/29/22   Archangel Jophiel * “I am Jophiel.   I have been waiting with Jeshua to speak with you.  My friend of old, my friend of new. You have been sensing my presence with you, in great joy,  great joy, indeed, my darling.   I am most happy to be present with eachContinue reading “Our team in the creation process: a channeling”