The Wondrous Cycle

Divine Mother’s Message ~  channeled by Jennifer 

Hello, Beloved Ones. 

I am the Divine Mother, your Mother, Mother of All, the Mother who loves, caresses, rears, nurtures and supports each one of you, always, in your learning and your growing.  If you have any difficulties at all, I am aware of them before you speak. But if you use your choice and you speak, then, in fact, you are opening the door for us to respond to you, because it is all hinged on this mechanism of your freewill choice. 

Beloved Ones, we are here for you always, as you know, when you have reached out to us in your pain or your anger, your angst. You do receive the comfort of your angels and guides and your Mother and Father. We are always present for you. But we stand by, so to speak, without interference in your life. So know that all the patterns, all of the kaleidoscopes of your days and nights, all of the beauty and struggle and surprises and challenges, all are a beautiful part of what you yourself designed to experience. 

The most difficult of all, for the human, is to maintain belief in Separation, which of course is Untruth and yet it allows you to play the game. It allows you to immerse yourself in the experience of being human in the lower dimensions. These are the only dimensions in which there is separation and it is only allowed because it is again your collective choice. “What if,” You said to us and to yourselves and each other: “What if we were to take a miraculous journey of adventure to a place where we forgot who we were? Where we forgot our own dearest selves in continuous connection with all life, with all others, with Mother/Father/All, with All Love?”

You, yourselves, Beloved Ones, chose this perspective, because you were excited at the challenge, because you understood that you could, in fact, make your way back. You knew that you could develop the understanding of Truth, as it lives within you. And it is mirrored all around you in the cycles of nature. It is mirrored all around you in the revival of Spring each year and in the way that all is connected. 

If one were to take the example of the snowflake falling. It comes from a beautiful grouping of moisture called “cloud”.  It gently settles down onto Earth in its beautiful individuality. And then if it is warm enough, Earth melts, warmth melts this beautiful snowflake back into continuous beingness, as part of the water cycle.  

And you see you are all in a wondrous cycle of life, a cycle of birth, formation, and creativity, and movement.  And you are at times rising and at times falling, at times forming and at times dissolving.  You are all in an exquisite dance of creation, of the fulfillment of life, fulfilling itself, of life, moving and opening and spreading and combining and becoming and exhilarating, just being so happy to be itself, in its own beautiful expression of uniqueness. And then you connect to others and you become part of this great bouquet of life, this great, exquisite panoply of creation. 

You are a part, and a beautiful part, and a treasured part and a beloved part. And when you are in connection with all else, you are simultaneously whole –  a part and whole. But when you are in the lower dimensions, specifically the third, you are most aware of the a-part, a-partness, the se-par-a-tion, and that is why we call it separation.

It is such an easy thing to understand and yet your beautiful – convoluted, may I say- brains, minds, will create so much confusion if given free rein, will create so much screen, so much scrim, haze, obfuscation (a new word that we love, which is to confuse and to hide behind.) And so we delight in your creations.  We know that some of your games give you great pain. We are feeling with you. We are aware of you at all times. And we are sharing in your adventures at all times, even the most painful ones.  

Beloved Ones, know that you are never alone. You are never, ever, truly, truly alone.  And having the great delight and pleasure of forming these words for you today, I will now gently and gratefully recede, take my leave – I am not gone, but merely stepping back to where you will feel me,  feel me, anytime you like, but you will also know, firsthand, your Own Being.  We love you and always will. Farewell. 

Channeled by Jennifer Donaldson 2022

Published by Jennifer

spiritual teacher, interfaith minister, community chaplain, priestess of the divine feminine, grandmother, jeshua's apprentice, bodhisattva, earth angel, light beam :-) ...

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