Our Services

In addition to Classes and Coaching through the Council of Love, we also offer:

A FREE consultation to see if one of us would be a good fit for you to try out SpiritLife Coaching… a form of spiritual counseling in which you are listened to with an open heart, and an open mind, and then supported in becoming your true self. We use the spiritual tools developed by the Council of Love with Linda Dillon. More about SpiritLife Coaching ~ https://colspiritlifecoaching.com

For Rob, specifically, check out his COL website: https://loveland-slc.com

For Jen: https://colspiritlifecoaching.com/members/jennifer-donaldson/

For Paul: https://colspiritlifecoaching.com/members/paul-backes/

For Sue: https://colspiritlifecoaching.com/members/sue-scofield/

AKASHIC READING: Jennifer is offering a one hour akashic reading, involving 30 minutes of preparation and meditation on your akashic field, and then 30 minutes discussion in which you will converse with Jennifer, via zoom or FaceTime, about the information that came forward. Only that which is in your highest good is requested, and the purpose of the session will be to empower, encourage and support you in your expansion of your divine knowing. email Jennifer at: thrutherose@yahoo.com

A Channeled READING: Jen also channels as a way to receive guidance for you from Divine Mother, Jeshua, one of the other Ascended Masters, one of the Archangels, or one of your guides. This can be a most wonderful way to advance your spiritual journey, filled with profound support and personal wisdom from the higher realms. Reach out: thrutherose@yahoo.com

SPACE CLEARING: Paul does the Space Clearing. His business is called Clear Grounds and there will be more info on that here soon.