CLASSES for the Soul

The next class — coming up SOON — for our Team will be on Saturday, April 1st – a 2 hour webinar, beginning at 1 pm EDT:

The Ascended Masters Webinar


Zoom with the Ascended Masters 

On April 1st, 2023 at 1 pm ET

  • Who are the Ascended Masters who work with the Council of Love?
  • How can we use their wisdom to help us?
  • What questions would YOU like to ask an Ascended Master?

Come join us as we explore all these questions and more.  We invite all participants to share the burning questions that you would love to ask one of these enlightened teachers, and the Council of Love Teachers (COLT) Team 4 will channel them to hear what they have to say!  Isn’t that worth a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon?! 

We will also provide a brief overview of the primary masters, including a handy reference booklet, and offer you strategies on how to obtain your own guidance, so you can explore a continuing relationship with your personal favorite Master. 

Won’t you join us on the First of April?

3rd in the series of Spiritual Topics brought to you by Council of Love Teachers:  

Jennifer, Rob, Sue, Adrienne, and Paul. 

Just completed: LIVING TRUTH: Jan. 21, 2023

LIVING TRUTH ~ presented in the new year of 2023. What better way to alignment with your Spirit? The Truth of your own Being?

Our last wonderful adventure on October 8th, 2022

Interdimensional Travel: The 12 Ports of Call — coming soon as an evergreen!


The New You in the New Reality

The following, 4 class, full webinar/Council of Love Course was presented live in the Spring of 2022 and is NOW available as an evergreen offering: for only $25 per class or $99 you can experience each of the four classes, in your own time. We are always available, through the COL or via this website, for clarification of any of the topics presented in the New You.

More about:

The New You in the New Reality

“Navigate your new normal in the ascending energies calmly with confidence and enthusiasm! Enjoy the inspiration and loving support of Team 4- this group of Council of Love Teachers- as we journey through the elements of living in the NOW: Alignment, Connection, Creation, and Expression. With this class you will be integrating self-care through experiential practice and becoming Self-LOVE.

Linda Dillon’s book The New You, and her class with the same name, are the foundation for this class. If this is new to you, we highly recommend purchasing the text:

This course is designed for people who are familiar with the ascension basics and are eager for guidance through the new reality, the Now. ”

Email us for the latest information:

See how much FUN ascension can be ;-)))

Also::: Through the Rose blooms again!! Here’s a link to Jennifer’s personally guided Ascension Apprenticeship, with Jeshua and Mary Magdalen, called Through The Rose: Perfect for you, if you are interested in an 18 month, in depth, fully supported ascension path. All questions answered…