Archangel Mikael on Living Truth

[The guidance from the Archangels regarding Truth continues … Rob]

AA Mikael: I am Mikael, with my Blue Sword and my Blue Shield, here to talk about living truth.

I know you’re not a particular fan of the imagery of the Blue Sword — it seems as an instrument of violence — but that’s not its purpose at all. It is to cut away whatever does not serve, to achieve the clarity on what is truth, to clear the way so that the path is clear. All that Yeshua has expressed is truth, and you are — all of you are — living that truth, understanding who you are and ultimately why you are here.

You are the instruments on planet of the Living God! You are part and parcel of the Godhead. Step into that. Be that! Know that! And when you do, the light from that source, which is within you always, will shine forth. It cannot do otherwise! And all others around you, animate and inanimate, will see that light, will feel that light, and know they are in the presence of the Divine.

Stop being afraid to allow your light to shine. As Yeshua said when he was on planet, do not hide your light under a bushel. Let it flow!

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I am a Council of Love-certified Teacher and Spirit Life Coach and an avid sailor.

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