Conversations with the Company of Heaven – Part 2

[I am just learning to channel. As part of my learning practice, I chose to have conversations with particular members of the Company of Heaven. What follows are excerpts from these conversations with the portions which pertain only to removed. What remains are messages I believe are useful to all. Enjoy! — Rob]

Conversation with Malia, one of my guides, a golden-haired angel, with whom I associate the Virtue of Beauty, April 2022
A close approximation to how Malia appears to me

Rob: I would like to have a conversation about beauty … the nature of beauty.

Malia: It’s easy. You know it when you see it. [You] should be looking for it everywhere … because it is everywhere. In the smallest thing, there’s tremendous beauty … in all of creation, if we just look for it. 

It’s really not so much looking for it. It’s just seeing it. Think of the miracle of a single flower, even if it’s attached to what we think of as a weed. Think of the insects flying around those flowers, being nurtured by them. 

It could be anything you love. Being on a boat on the water. Feel the wind. It is beautiful!

Don’t worry about missing this as the world transitions through Ascension. All this will still be here, but it’ll become far more vibrant.

Rob: Is there anything else you’d wish to share, Malia?

Malia: Take more time during the day to notice these things. You get too busy. Your mind is racing all the time about one thing or another. Take time out to “smell the roses.” They’re all around you.

Conversation with Malika, one of my guides, a dark-haired dancer, May 2022
Not quite how Malika appears, but close enough

Rob: I ask for Malika to step forward. She’s just fun to be around. Kind of mischievous. I have challenges sometimes feeling the joy. How do I get better at that?

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