A Message from Quan Yin

Jennifer: Quan Yin  Channeled 10/11/22  

(To our channeling group and to all of us as wayshowers)

Greetings, beloved ones, I am Quan Yin. I’m excited to be with you in this way. It is a pleasure, it is a beautiful experience for our energy to conjoin through you and to have the opportunity to form words, to form the flow of the energies which will do many things ~ console and enlighten, reassure, bless and bring lightness, humor, bring explanations and various kinds of information. We delight in being present for you in this way. 

It is a great honor for us and I bow and touch your feet.  I thank you for the many ways in which you have opened yourselves to our energies, the many ways that you continue to dedicate your hearts. You are each of you a beautiful glass vase with a light streaming through full of the water of life. And each of you is a beautiful rose, a beautiful lotus a beautiful flower with your crystal pink. Holding open to the sun, the radiance of All That Is  ~you are beautiful children of Source and we delight in watching you. 

We have this day discussed much which is huge and could be felt as ominous, so I wish to bring to you a scaling down to a place where, yes, you know about that and you will be prepared. But you will not carry with you any sense of the ominous as you go forward. It will be as though you have wrapped it in cotton wool and put it into your knitting basket. So do not worry at this time of what is to come. Much channeling focuses on details of projection into the future. And you know that this is not always accurate and you know that many times people are embarrassed, in fact, by their pronouncements. So as a group you are wise to not attempt to or desire deeply to discuss what is coming but more to have within you the knowing of your deep preparation and your deep longing to be of service and your deep knowing that you have come to fulfill your purpose. 

It is so clear and each of you have many many, many, many cohorts on the earth at this time who will be supporting you. So again, be the cells of the body, alive and light and caring for yourselves and each other, encouraging and loving yourselves and each other, and then carry on. Carry on with this, because, as you know, it is the innocence. It is the innocence of the children and their deep knowing of truth and their deep knowing of connection, and their beings as love, that allows them to be shielded from the worst of the suffering that many do experience when there is any enormous event of any kind in their lives. So they have a natural buffer. So I’m speaking to you to carry your purity, your innocence, your openness ~ and know that this is your strength. This is your destiny. So thank you for receiving my transmission this day. I am delighted to be here. And I will be with you again. Farewell for now. 

She is handing each of us a rose. Thank you, that was pretty cool and special. Thank you. 

Jennifer Donaldson: Quan Yin  Channeled 10/11/22

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