Hello, I’m Rob Loveland, and I’m a certified Council of Love Teacher and SpiritLife Coach. And, as you can tell, I’m also a sailing enthusiast.

I love being on the water because it’s my happy place. I have my own sailboat, which I take out every weekend, and I crew on another’s yacht on Wednesday nights in the local club races. So my sense of joy and bliss often happens when I’m on the water.

Water has always been a symbol for Spirit, so that makes sense! As was pointed out to me in a recent channeling message, Spirit moves where it will, and we have no control over that … JUST AS WITH THE WIND! A sailor will constantly adjust the sails and the heading of the boat to compensate for the changes in the wind direction … JUST AS WE MUST DO WITH THE “WINDS” OF SPIRIT!

The connection with Spirit comes with being grounded … which is an odd expression when talking about being on the water. But it’s really about being fully immersed in nature!

Being immersed in nature involves aspects of your Self. At the physical level, it’s feeling the wind on your face and in your ears, how the waves gently rock you back and forth, seeing the beauty of the sky and clouds, or hearing the seabirds squawking away. At the mental level, it’s allowing the physical sensations to sooth your mind’s chatter, perhaps getting lost in how the sunlight on the water sparkles like diamonds or how a cloud shape looks like an angel … or whatever. At the emotional level, it’s feeling the awe of Gaia’s power when kicking up a summer storm. Or feeling the pure joy of having no other care in the world. And finally, at the spiritual level, it’s recognizing that all these sensations and emotions are expressions of higher dimensional spirit. The joy, peace, and awe are higher vibrational emotions … and you can experience the same, right here, right now, just by being in nature!

The point is that you must be PRESENT to experience it, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally as well. This is what allows you to realize the spiritual benefit from it!

This is one way, one of my favorite ways, to express Spirit. And nature is everywhere, so won’t you join me?! 😄

Sailing ”Alicin” into sunset