I Could Not Be Closer

Painting by My Aunt Doria Higgins 1991

(The following is a glimpse of our channeling practice group process: I was being aided by one of our members, Simone.)

Simone: Now feel and see who’s with you and who wants to come through today? Do you see Jennifer?


(I feel… I feel Divine Mother encouraging me and strengthening me and comforting me. I feel myself reaching for her energy and I feel her immediate response -it is reassuring. I also felt, for a little while, the green of Archangel Raphael And I’m not used to his energies surrounding me but it was very sweet and very tender and gentle. And I don’t know if he wants to speak or not, but I sense that he is there for healing for me… there was a great energetic disconnection of some inner wiring this morning. It was a bit abrupt and a bit violent inside me and I feel he is there. To reconnect those… wires, for lack of a better word… energy pathways, reestablishing health and trust and ease, reestablishing inner strength, realigning… and I don’t feel that Rafael needs to speak so much as He is present, his green heart radiant, energizing and Mother’s heart surrounding us…)


This is your Divine Mother. I wish to merely acknowledge and reinforce to you, let you all know, to reinforce your knowing that I am always available for you.  Reach for me and I will be with you. I am close – I could not be closer. That is so true. I could not be closer. Therefore I am present. Therefore, if you wish to be reinforced, you wish for strength, you wish for clarity, you wish just to be held for a few precious moments of embrace, I am always available.  I could not be more available. 

I am closer than in the wings, and yet I am not the actor, you are the point of action taken in any given moment. You are the one who is tasked and blessed with that power of choice in your own creation. Your life is not my creation. I am merely the envelope in which you exist. That is not so much a “merely” but a way of stepping back from being the principal point of action, so that you understand. I am your cloak. I am your scenery, your theater. I am your world. I am your universe. But you are the point of speaking, you are the physical voice. You are the grounded energy from which I will speak when I am desired to speak. And I felt your desire today and I have come forth in this way. For you. My daughter, my beloved, as I will for each of you. 

So be enveloped and be free. You are divine children, always, and can never not be— although you may play in any role that you desire. And when you are physically tired or physically disconnected as you were feeling earlier we will help you, we will come forward with the needed ointment. Whatever it is that will be best for you; sometimes it is merely to rest and to give yourself time with no stress whatsoever. 

When you are learning there is a level of intensity to the channeling. This will ease with time. It will become one of the most pleasurable and relaxing activities you can engage in, but when you are learning there is a level of uncertainty and quiet questioning within yourself. Can I ride the bicycle today? Will I fall off? Will I crash, will will I bump into something, will someone bump into me? So, it is not exactly the relaxing ride that you each desire until you become completely practiced at it. So it is to be gentle, to be welcoming. To be inviting, to be in tune and resting in the attunement, not stretching or twisting or reaching too intensely beyond what is comfortable. Comfort. That is the word. When you are in comfort. You are an effective conveyor of the energies. 

So bless you, each of you, for your love, your intentions. Your desire to learn, your desire to be physical voices for us on the planet at this time. It will be so, it is so, it is even now so, and so it is.  I will allow you to rest now, as this is best. Farewell. 

Me: Thank you, Mother.

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