Mother Mary on Reconnecting When Feeling Disconnected

[This seems like the week for talking to the Marys! 😉 This one is a prime example of asking for help and receiving it … if only we listen for whom will provide that help, we would find that assistance is never far away … and often from the most incredible sources! — Rob] Rob:Continue reading “Mother Mary on Reconnecting When Feeling Disconnected”

Mary Magdalene on Discipline to Achieve Commitment

[This is another example of asking one of the Masters for advice regarding a particular spiritual topic that arises … and they never disappoint! 😉 — Rob] Rob: I’m envisioning myself at the entrance to the cave where Mary Magdalene retreated after the death of Yeshua, in southern France, up on a mountain overlooking theContinue reading “Mary Magdalene on Discipline to Achieve Commitment”

Sanat Kumara on Being Anchored in Your Heart

[I was questioning how one lives from a place of being permanently “in one’s heart”? How does one do that? As usual, the answer seems obvious once it was said out loud. — Rob] Rob: Welcome, Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara: Thank you, Rob. Yes, this is Sanat Kumara, and I know you’re somewhat intimidated, shallContinue reading “Sanat Kumara on Being Anchored in Your Heart”

Lao Tzu on How to Support Others While Staying True to Self

[This question came up when I was having a conversation with friends, so I thought I’d ask the experts … — Rob] Rob: I’m feeling Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu: Thank you, Rob, for inviting me. It’s always such a pleasure to talk to you. It’s such a beautiful spot where we meet on the benchContinue reading “Lao Tzu on How to Support Others While Staying True to Self”

Archangel Uriel on Charity and Putting Oneself Out There

[One of the themes that I’m seeing more and more now is the idea that it’s time for all of us to come out of our shell and start to shine our lights brightly … i.e. to be more charitable with what we know. — Rob] Rob: I’m getting the impression it’s either Archangel UrielContinue reading “Archangel Uriel on Charity and Putting Oneself Out There”

Quan Yin on Love Being an Expression of Joy

[When preparing for the session, I pulled one of the Council of Love Sacred Inspiration cards — it was Archangel Gabrielle’s card on Joy … but it was Quan Yin who showed up to talk about it! 😉 — Rob] Rob: So, Quan Yin, to what do I owe this honor? Quan Yin: I’m comingContinue reading “Quan Yin on Love Being an Expression of Joy”

Divine Mother’s Guidance for 2023

[This channeling was from earlier this year, but it’s still valuable guidance for the current year. 😉 — Rob] Rob: Mother, do you have a message for me today? Divine Mother: Thank you,  my dear one, love of my heart. You are already feeling the changes that are coming, that have already started. And you areContinue reading “Divine Mother’s Guidance for 2023”