My motto: Just choose love!

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I Help People Find Their True Self

I’m a fun-loving, creative, poetic, mystical type who loves the ocean, gardening, and reading… throughout my life, I’ve been curious about spiritual matters, beginning with my teen years when I read Siddhartha and the Edgar Cayce books. I’ve been fascinated with past lives- and explored many through hypnosis. Cayce first led me to the mystery of channeling; through several channels, including Linda Dillon, I’ve deepened my understanding of spiritual truth with Master Jeshua, my primary teacher, though there have been many other teachers wise and loving who have encouraged me. I was raised in a traditional faith, the Episcopal church, but have explored many spiritual paths in connection with my inner self/higher self/soul, before becoming a Interfaith minister in 2006, through the New Seminary in NYC. In this role it is still my great honor and joy to officiate at Weddings, Baby Blessings and Farewell services of all kinds. .

My Joy, after a wedding in Norway, ME

I have spent the past 8 years helping my daughter raise twins, then caring for my mother, and now my mother-in law, who’s 98! Walking with elders to the end of their life is one of my gifts. Rather than become a Death Doula, though, I chose to become a Council of Love Teacher and SpiritLife Coach. See my full coaching website here: . Fascinating as the next world may be, we are here, NOW, for a purpose. Discerning that purpose is so rewarding. So, let’s take hands and walk together, living our earthly lives as joyously as we can, and expanding our consciousness, together.

I’ve been channeling in written form for years, and have a lot of blog posts already circulating. Here’s a link to my channeled messages, if you enjoy hearing from the Ascended Masters and the Angels: Recently I started voice channeling, a deep, sweet and so much fun experience! I’ll be posting those soon on this site.

Here’s a link to my personally guided apprenticeship, with Jeshua and Mary Magdalen, called Through The Rose:

“We are all love, because love is all there is.”