Divine Mother’s Guidance for 2023

[This channeling was from earlier this year, but it’s still valuable guidance for the current year. 😉 — Rob] Rob: Mother, do you have a message for me today? Divine Mother: Thank you,  my dear one, love of my heart. You are already feeling the changes that are coming, that have already started. And you areContinue reading “Divine Mother’s Guidance for 2023”

Archangel Mikael on Living Truth

[The guidance from the Archangels regarding Truth continues … Rob] AA Mikael: I am Mikael, with my Blue Sword and my Blue Shield, here to talk about living truth. I know you’re not a particular fan of the imagery of the Blue Sword — it seems as an instrument of violence — but that’s not its purpose at all. ItContinue reading “Archangel Mikael on Living Truth”

Archangel Jophiel on being a Guardian and Champion of Truth

[I channeled this while preparing for our recent webinar on Living Truth. It contains a message for all Lightworkers. — Rob] Archangel Jophiel: I am Jophiel, the bringer of the future. There is so much angst in the world right now about what the future will bring. So much of it is unnecessary. The futureContinue reading “Archangel Jophiel on being a Guardian and Champion of Truth”

We are One! … but what does that mean?!

By Rob Loveland The Law of Unification/Unity speaks to achieving Unity Consciousness, because we have all heard that “We are One!” But, what does that mean?!  How can I be one with, i.e. the same as, someone who is engaged in acts which I find reprehensible … or everyday objects like that rock over there …Continue reading “We are One! … but what does that mean?!”