The Mother’s Peace

I have been channeling the Mother a lot lately… time to begin to share the messages, they are profoundly reassuring… Jennifer

Hello, my Divine Children. I am deeply grateful to be present in this way, at this time. I love you. I surround you. I imbue you with My grace, My faith, My knowing that All is Well.  I know it can be difficult to bring this knowing -that all is well at all times- to every circumstance you find yourselves, either involved in or witnessing in this life. But know that truly is the case. 

Ultimately, there is only, only One of Us – only Myself and your Father and the Universe – together,  playing. It is all our play. It is all our imagination. And we have witnessed over and over the ways in which our divine children play in the third dimension.

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Published by Jennifer

spiritual teacher, interfaith minister, community chaplain, priestess of the divine feminine, grandmother, jeshua's apprentice, bodhisattva, earth angel, light beam :-) ...

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