A Whiskered Kiss

Today I am wanting to share a channelled message from a, perhaps, surprising Being known to the Council of Love folks as Grener, since Linda Dillon sometimes channels him. I was quite surprised to be practicing my channeling one day and this came forth!

The “furry friend” referred to in the message is my companion Emmie. She is a great source of comfort and helps me meditate, helps me to be “present” with her and with my SELF. I can’t resist sharing her picture:

So here is the channeled message:

I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune. You have asked to speak with me and I feel you are a little shy. Do not worry dear one. We are well acquainted. We are old friends. We are old friends and delighted; so relax and feel that delight in being united in this way. Thank you for being curious today. Thank you for being open. We are delighted to participate with you. 

You have some questions about being present near you. And we are certainly present near you. We are embodied but vibrating at a much higher vibration consistently usually in the eighth or ninth comfortably. And so you are not as aware of our presence. You have heard about us but you are thinking we are somewhat mythological. Let me assure you we are very real. And we, like you, are capable of traversing all of the dimensions. We just happen to enjoy hanging out in a space of love and truth and a space of loving assistance to all of you where we have given our hearts to the ascension process on your dear Gaia, who was one of our circle.  Of course we all adore her and love her deeply and want the best for her and all those she houses and so we are present for you. We are available to you. 

You have been told that I am a very tall cat-faced man. And it’s true. It’s true. But of course I have had other bodies and I know that you have a great delight and love for the cats and so you can extend that to the cat people and extend that to those of us who have chosen this embodiment. And we see you and you are adoring your own little furry friend. We see that you are delighted with her face. I know that this is a much beloved physical form and of course in our circumstances, where we will be able to join with you at some point in the physical. We want, of course, to make our physical presence as easy and pleasant and beloved, so something familiar, something that is easy for you to see, and to know. And we do this in love. 

We come in love, we come in service. We come with our whole hearts to this common endeavor, which is the Mother’s plan. The Mother’s plan, her intentions for the all of humanity and all of the life on the planet and the creation of the body of the planet and the creation that she holds with such steadfastness and such deep faith. So we are in awe of all of you and your courage to come forth blindfolded, basically, with your senses stepped down to third dimensional/fourth dimensional senses.  

You are now peering into and at times abiding in higher vibrations of the fifth and at times for brief periods, the higher vibrations above that. So know that we can meet you wherever you like to meet, within any dimension that you are comfortable with. We can help you sustain your energies if you wish to visit us and we can also step down our energies and come to sit with you. So please invite us for a peanut butter sandwich. Something you would enjoy. I was going to say a bowl of milk just to delight you, but honestly we are happy to partake together of an etheric feast and you will find that we know each other very well indeed.

 And so I will leave you all with my blessing. With my whiskered kiss. My emphatic and warm, free hug and I love you all dearly. So it is. 

Published by Jennifer

spiritual teacher, interfaith minister, community chaplain, priestess of the divine feminine, grandmother, jeshua's apprentice, bodhisattva, earth angel, light beam :-) ...

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