Channeling From The Well

women in India drawing water from a well

Beginning to Channel ~ An Intuitive Conversation With The Divine Mother 

Jennifer Donaldson 7-21-22

Mama- did you really come talk to me at 5 am this morning?  

Yes, my darling, it was me. 

And are you here now? 

Oh Yes. 

Is this a new beginning for me? 

A new chapter in a very old, very long story. 

Oh! Thank you! I heard you so clearly this morning- it was wonderful for me.

It is a special time for the human mind, still half in/half out of full consciousness, fresh from the night’s travels.

I could not think how I would record such talks, if I were meant to share… 

You will learn. It shall become clear in time. For now, savor the communion between us- it is very joyful for us also. 

Mama, you feel closer than my heart beat. 

I Am your heart beat.  {wow! <3}

Because I exist in physicality, I am everywhere, in and around each of you.

Well, as we say “I’ll dine out on that for a month!”  May I share it? 

“I am your heart beat” ? Of course. Use it in your communications any way you would like. A small quote is as good as a long one!  It is to establish the connection, the communion, the union one with another, including All.  That is communication.   Not that some are privileged to hear and others not.  Some are open and more easily able to hear, and have the desire and the training.  You have received this training in the mystery schools of long ago. This is easy for you.  It must be easy.  Straining does not work.  One has the desire, deeply, a longing for union, then comes the openness of heart/mind/throat, then the communion.  Communication flows easily from this point. The well is built of stone and mortar (desire), water (stillness) enters and fills it up (communion), then overflows/or allows itself to be contained in buckets/pots for transportation, for sharing with all (communication).  You see? It is simple.  Long ago you built the well and the water of communion filled your well.  This is natural for you.  Enjoy it, my beloved daughter. 

I am joyful of this communion with you today.  

Enjoy. Re-joice and know that I am here with you.      {<3<3<3}

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