Connecting with our Star Siblings ~ by Sue

7/24/22 A 666 Adventure with a portal in Minnesota on Sue’s property.

Hi guys!  Do you remember when I spoke of doing a session with my psychic medium friend, Becky, and the information that came thru was in regard to the 6-6-6 Portal opening  today,  6-6-2022?  Well, this article contains information from that channeling.   I brought Becky into a state of trance and a Pleiadian and a Sirian came thru.  The Pleiadian spoke at length of the 6-6-6 Portal opening and its meaning. 

     Today Becky came to my home here, in MN, and we walked to a certain spot in the woods surrounding my home.   Linda had told me there was a portal on my property, as had Becky, and during Becky’s trance (this was several weeks ago) I asked the Pleiadian if we should visit the portal during the 6-6-6 opening, and was told yes and that we would be visited.  So, we did this, and brought a sweet grass bundle to use to smudge, incense, a sacred rattle, a crow feather fan for the smoke from the smudge, and peony petals to leave as a thank you.   It was magical!  It had rained overnight, so when the breeze stirred the trees, drops of rainwater would fall on us.  The clouds parted and the whitest rays of sunlight you could imagine spilled in thru the canopy of the trees.  Becky began feeling and hearing the energies almost immediately.   They approached from all around us.   She was told that the portal is actually a galactic Stargate, used by Pleiadians, Sirians and other Galactics.  It’s a meeting place for Galactics!   The sun told her that it was shifting in the sky so that it could give both Becky and myself downloads (my cousin, who lives in my home, is super empathic, and who is on a phenomenal spiritual journey, was also with us and received a download, as well).  Becky and my cousin saw a ribbon of orange weave itself thru the trees surrounding us,  and Becky said the galactics were enlarging the Stargate.  I did not see the orange ribbon.😔   Apparently, there are also a few sacred sites on the property, as well (Native American and other).  My mom came thru and told Becky that she had always sensed something special about this place, but she didn’t know the scope of how big this was.   I believe I was so compelled to be the owner of this house because the galactics knew I was someone who would understand this (my cousin does,  too).  It was all very peaceful and when the visit was over, you could feel the energy shift.   It was so cool!  I just wanted to share this with you.   Like I said, it was magical!  Love you all! ❤  Sue

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