Conversations with Company of Heaven-Part 1

Rob: This is Rob intending to have a conversation with my primary guide, my beloved Humfire … Humfries. Please come talk to me. I know you’ve said it’s not our way to communicate so much this way. It’s more nonverbal, but there’s no reason we can’t. I open myself to have a conversation with you.

Got any topic you’d like to discuss? The card I drew is from Yeshua speaking of love, the notion of unconditional love, love of self, love of others. I’d first like to say, I love you, and I’m so grateful you are with me.

To continue reading:

(VERy exciting!! Rob has been channeling all 13 of his own Spiritual Guides and this is the first installment of that series… click the link to his coaching site blog and ENJOY! ~ Jennifer )

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