Conversations with the Company of Heaven – Part 5

El Morya and Serapis Bey (Governance and the Temple of the Heart)

[I am just learning to channel. As part of my learning practice, I chose to have conversations with particular members of the Company of Heaven. What follows are excerpts from these conversations with the portions which pertain only to removed. What remains are messages I believe are useful to all. Enjoy! — Rob]

Conversation with El Morya, Ascended Master, May 2022
El Morya

Rob: El Morya, I understand one of your primary focuses is on establishing a governance structure based on the will of God. That is, how to bring God into what I’ll call political governance. It makes sense that I am a public servant and why you would be one of my guides. Any words of wisdom for what is to come for me and my role as a public servant?

El Morya: Yes, your role and how it will unfold for you is coming. In fact, it’s already started. You are sharing your light, as has been expressed by others. Yours is not to be a public role. Well, you’re a public servant, so your role will be for the benefit of the public. But it will not be in large groups. Your role is to influence those within your immediate circle to focus on, to concentrate on, how to bring love to all situations. I understand Love is not something that is generally talked about in your work environment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t demonstrate what that actually means. In practice, you can demonstrate love without talking about love. Be the light! Show them the way.

The focus in all things you express at work should always come back to the benefit of the greatest number of people involved. Your thought is not about the benefit to one organization, but the benefit of the American people, that is a return to the Constitution, the values that underpin the Constitution. The founding fathers of America were infused with the love of God, whether expressed overtly or not. The Bill of Rights is a Bill of Love. It’s thinking of others before yourself. That applies not only to you as an individual, but also to all government organizations. Does its work benefit itself, or does it benefit the people for whom it serves? Remind everyone of this point. This is the expression of love.

You are a lighthouse. It’s the perfect metaphor for what you are doing and what you should be doing. It’s not an accident that that image, that that symbol, speaks to you. It’s who you are. And you’re seeing that symbol show up in so many places. It’s pretty common, really. There’s a reason for that.

Rob: Thank you, El Morya. I had to read again a bit of your background this morning because I don’t know that much about you. Well, I don’t overtly know. Is there anything else that you would like to tell me, perhaps that I can pass on to others?

El Morya: I am one of your guides to help you bridge the aspect of your life as a public servant to being a ray of hope in your spiritual journey. I am about finding your way to be God-centered in the governance structures.

Conversation with Serapis Bey, Ascended Master, May 2022
Serapis Bey

Rob: Serapis Bey, do you have any advice for me, with respect to how we should approach the turmoil today, based on the lessons that you learned from the time of transition from Atlantis to Egypt?

Serapis Bey: It’s a different time now. The circumstances are different. So while there are general lessons to learn, to heed, the circumstances are different. So there’s not a direct correlation.

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