Conversations with the Company of Heaven – Part 3

K’Lar and Sanat Kumara (Staying Grounded; Being Universal Logos)

[I am just learning to channel. As part of my learning practice, I chose to have conversations with particular members of the Company of Heaven. What follows are excerpts from these conversations with the portions which pertain only to removed. What remains are messages I believe are useful to all. Enjoy! — Rob]

Conversation with K’Lar, one of my guides, a full-bearded Viking, April 2022
A viking, although K’Lar doesn’t wear a horned helmet

Rob: This is Rob, and I’m inviting my guide K’Lar to come be with me to share his thoughts on this time, what I should be doing, my focus.

K’Lar: Stay grounded. There is nothing wrong with being grounded. Spirit is connected to Gaia. Use that energy.

Rob: I’m so happy we can just hang out. Are the lack of messages because I don’t have a lot that I need?

K’Lar: Let the spirit carry you where it will. Stop trying to force anything. All is as it should be.

Rob: I feel like doing nothing might be boring.

K’Lar: We will be busy enough, soon enough! Don’t look that gift horse in the mouth. Take this time of rest. Hone your skills. Be better prepared. Get clear in your mind how you need to behave when the revelations come so that you don’t react negatively. You are here to show others the face of calm, the face of confidence, the face of knowing that all is as it should be.

Rob: Is there something in particular I should focus on in terms of change, that I should change about myself, my practice in the physical world that would help me?

K’Lar: It would be most useful … more useful … if you changed your diet. Stay away from the sweets. They aren’t going to kill you, but they do make it more difficult to overcome the energy to get into the state of calm, to enter into the Stillpoint, the place of communion with us. You can do it with or without. It’s just easier without. We’re here with you always. No matter.

Rob: Thank you, K’Lar. It’s a comfort to me to know you’re all there.

Conversation with Sanat Kumara, Universal Logos, June 2022
Sanat Kumara

Rob: I have a question about what it means to be Planetary Logos, and now the Universal Logos.

Sanat Kumara: Welcome. As you have imagined, being a Planetary Logos is not unlike being a superintendent of a building, maintaining the functions of life within the building, making sure all the systems are working as they’re supposed to. And if any of the tenants have a problem, take care of it. Although, in the role of the Planetary Logos, given the size of a planet, it’s not a single [person] job. There’s a whole team. So being the Planetary Logos is akin to being the supervisor of a very vast maintenance staff.

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