Everyday Miracles #1: Turtle Eggs

by Adrienne Head

“I wanted to share an interesting moment that occurred in our front yard.

I was returning from walking the dogs when suddenly the male dog started barking like crazy at something by out front entrance way. I turned to see a big brown turtle sitting in the freshly laid mulch. The turtle was not moving at all, so I pulled the dogs toward the front door.  Once I got the dogs inside I came back out to check on the turtle. I suddenly realized that the turtle was laying eggs. I was so surprised to see that the turtle picked such a vulnerable location right in the middle of the day, but enjoyed the fact that it chose our front yard area.

Now my brother and I are keeping our eyes open for some future baby turtles.

Unfortunately, I never photographed the turtle in action, but did photograph the hole where the eggs were dropped. 

Turtle egg hole… in Virginia

Thanks for letting me share.”


Note from Jennifer: When wild animals cross your path in seemingly magical ways, do you feel like they are carrying a message or guidance for you, in some way? Many people consult animal card decks and here’s my favorite deck … after Adrienne sent this message, I looked up the turtle:

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