Lightworkers as Lighthouses

by Rob Loveland, June 27th, 2022

Many lightworkers find themselves at a crossroad, struggling with what they should be doing in these times of increasing turmoil. I was in that same boat … for many years. We prepare by honing our spiritual skills, all the while hoping for clarity regarding when they will be needed. Some may, in fact, hear a clear calling to take a particular action, and to them I say, godspeed!

However, for most of the rest of us, we carry on, operating on faith and trust that the clarity will come, while feeling some amount of uneasiness that we aren’t doing enough. Our intention (and, in fact, primary purpose) is to be of service to others, but we just don’t know what form that should take.

For me, that clarity is starting to come. I have learned in this past year that we are actually doing far more than we think, just by being here holding the light and love for others, even when it appears that we are doing nothing. Even during this time of ascension to a higher state of being, when so many are looking for guidance and help, the only thing we can offer is to help point the way. We can never do the work for another. As Sanat Kumara says, that would be highway robbery — none of us wants to rob another of their opportunity to learn and grow. At the end of the day, the journey of ascension must be travelled by each soul individually … and yet we are doing it collectively.

But, what lightworkers CAN do is to act as a lighthouse in a storm. And, surely, you would agree that it feels like a storm blowing out there right now! The lighthouse is the perfect metaphor. After all, it’s sole function is to beam its light as a guide for others. As I’ve said in the meme below, “The essence of a lighthouse is that it never engages in the storm;

it just lets the storm blow around it, secure in the knowledge that it derives the fuel for its light from its own protected core. Those who need the light for guidance will find it.”

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