Our team in the creation process: a channeling

Jennifer channeling   3/29/22   Archangel Jophiel *

“I am Jophiel.   I have been waiting with Jeshua to speak with you.  My friend of old, my friend of new. You have been sensing my presence with you, in great joy,  great joy, indeed, my darling.  

I am most happy to be present with each of you, on this day, as you begin your circle anew, your circle of companionship, your circle of presence, your circle of love. I honor you and bless you for being open and willing to bring in messages of love and encouragement, messages of hope, messages of vision, from the depths of your hearts, the heights of your hopes.  We are thrilled to see what you are bringing forth on Mother Earth at this time.  

We are greatly grateful, warmly encouraging. Your energy is extremely helpful at this time.  We are with you, next to you,  squeezing into the circle.  We feel you, we know you, we love you. We honor you for being us on the Mother, feet on the sacred earth, in the dust, in the mud, in the water, in the sand.  Thank you for being us All, us All, in human form, at this time, grounding the energies of love, energies of peace, the energies of the coming Thousand Years of Peace.

This is a great and glorious time in our mission together.  We are all thrilled and we share this with you, that we may dance, so that you may know your joy- to the fullest.  Because through that joy you are birthing All that Is to bless one another, to bless our dear Gaia – Great Mother in human form, Great Mother in Earth form, Great Mother to all of you, Great Mother to all of us.”

*Note: AA Jophiel, according to Linda Dillon, is the only Archangel to have taken form in a human life. AA Jophiel lived on Earth as Joseph, husband of Mary, and father to Jeshua and his siblings during the times referred to in the Bible’s New Testament. Amazing to think about, isn’t it?

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spiritual teacher, interfaith minister, community chaplain, priestess of the divine feminine, grandmother, jeshua's apprentice, bodhisattva, earth angel, light beam :-) ...

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