Yeshua on How to Handle Conflict

[There was a period not too long ago when conflict just seemed to arise out of nowhere, but Yeshua helped me through it. Hopefully, his message will help you at such times as well. — Rob]

Rob: I’m inviting in Yeshua. If anybody knows anything about conflict, he should!

So Yeshua, can you share any guidance, any words of wisdom about how we, as lightworkers, could and should handle conflict with those who are close to us? What can we do to help without making it worse, without interfering?

Yeshua: Thank you, Rob. This is your brother, Yeshua. And this is a great question for this day, this time!

Such conflicts will arise more and more, but, as you know, it’s necessary. It’s a way of releasing the negativity that has built up for so long. You can’t let go of the baggage until you’re holding it in your hands.

But you, any of you, as lightworkers, your role, your job is to hold the space of Love. As you have said, there are no sides. We’re all on the same side. We’re on the side of Love.

Folk will seem to get entrenched in their beliefs of what is right, what is wrong. There is no right or wrong.

So your role is to hold the space, to beam the Light and the Love to all involved that they may see a higher perspective.

It’s becoming easier and easier for you to discern when you see the conflict how futile it all is, how a belief in one side of an argument makes so very little sense. But those in the midst of the argument are not likely in a place of wanting to hear that. If they do open themselves to asking am I right or wrong, then by all means, share the higher perspective. But if not, go within, breathe the Love from Mother-Father-One into your heart, and project it to all who are involved — [to] both sides, all sides of the argument.

I’ll say it again. There are no sides. We are all one humanity. And we need to learn that, to realize that, to bring that to the forefront of our consciousness, that any conflict brother-between-brother, family members against each other, is working against that realization, that we are all one. A house divided cannot stand, so work to unite the foundation, and that foundation is Love.

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