Heart Musings

by Jennifer

Oct. 2021. All summer I had the most amazing experience of finding hearts everywhere I looked. On my daily walks around the neighborhood and along the shore, I kept catching glimpses of heart shapes ~ in rocks, trees, leaves, mushrooms, even shadows. Every time I did, it felt like a miracle. If I left the house feeling downhearted, I would usually find one or two reasons to smile, in the form of a heart surprise. I began to document all the instances of hearts and now have 90 pictures on my phone!

What do they mean? Is my brain just tuning in to the shape and finding examples to confirms its bias? If so, it is a God-given ability. While I wondered, I began to perceive it as a form of communication, a divine conversation in shapes from Mother Earth… who never fails to encourage me and cheer me up. Basically Gaia is saying: I love you. the elemental kingdoms (Plant and Mineral) are winking and waving, saying “We, too, are here on Nova Earth! All is not lost, things are getting brighter… every day.” Here are a few of my favorite heart pics taken recently: