Everyday Miracles #1: Turtle Eggs

by Adrienne Head

“I wanted to share an interesting moment that occurred in our front yard.

I was returning from walking the dogs when suddenly the male dog started barking like crazy at something by out front entrance way. I turned to see a big brown turtle sitting in the freshly laid mulch. The turtle was not moving at all, so I pulled the dogs toward the front door.  Once I got the dogs inside I came back out to check on the turtle. I suddenly realized that the turtle was laying eggs. I was so surprised to see that the turtle picked such a vulnerable location right in the middle of the day, but enjoyed the fact that it chose our front yard area.

Now my brother and I are keeping our eyes open for some future baby turtles.

Unfortunately, I never photographed the turtle in action, but did photograph the hole where the eggs were dropped. 

Turtle egg hole… in Virginia

Thanks for letting me share.”


Note from Jennifer: When wild animals cross your path in seemingly magical ways, do you feel like they are carrying a message or guidance for you, in some way? Many people consult animal card decks and here’s my favorite deck … after Adrienne sent this message, I looked up the turtle:

Connecting with our Star Siblings ~ by Sue

7/24/22 A 666 Adventure with a portal in Minnesota on Sue’s property.

Hi guys!  Do you remember when I spoke of doing a session with my psychic medium friend, Becky, and the information that came thru was in regard to the 6-6-6 Portal opening  today,  6-6-2022?  Well, this article contains information from that channeling.   I brought Becky into a state of trance and a Pleiadian and a Sirian came thru.  The Pleiadian spoke at length of the 6-6-6 Portal opening and its meaning. 

     Today Becky came to my home here, in MN, and we walked to a certain spot in the woods surrounding my home.   Linda had told me there was a portal on my property, as had Becky, and during Becky’s trance (this was several weeks ago) I asked the Pleiadian if we should visit the portal during the 6-6-6 opening, and was told yes and that we would be visited.  So, we did this, and brought a sweet grass bundle to use to smudge, incense, a sacred rattle, a crow feather fan for the smoke from the smudge, and peony petals to leave as a thank you.   It was magical!  It had rained overnight, so when the breeze stirred the trees, drops of rainwater would fall on us.  The clouds parted and the whitest rays of sunlight you could imagine spilled in thru the canopy of the trees.  Becky began feeling and hearing the energies almost immediately.   They approached from all around us.   She was told that the portal is actually a galactic Stargate, used by Pleiadians, Sirians and other Galactics.  It’s a meeting place for Galactics!   The sun told her that it was shifting in the sky so that it could give both Becky and myself downloads (my cousin, who lives in my home, is super empathic, and who is on a phenomenal spiritual journey, was also with us and received a download, as well).  Becky and my cousin saw a ribbon of orange weave itself thru the trees surrounding us,  and Becky said the galactics were enlarging the Stargate.  I did not see the orange ribbon.😔   Apparently, there are also a few sacred sites on the property, as well (Native American and other).  My mom came thru and told Becky that she had always sensed something special about this place, but she didn’t know the scope of how big this was.   I believe I was so compelled to be the owner of this house because the galactics knew I was someone who would understand this (my cousin does,  too).  It was all very peaceful and when the visit was over, you could feel the energy shift.   It was so cool!  I just wanted to share this with you.   Like I said, it was magical!  Love you all! ❤  Sue

Channeling From The Well

women in India drawing water from a well

Beginning to Channel ~ An Intuitive Conversation With The Divine Mother 

Jennifer Donaldson 7-21-22

Mama- did you really come talk to me at 5 am this morning?  

Yes, my darling, it was me. 

And are you here now? 

Oh Yes. 

Is this a new beginning for me? 

A new chapter in a very old, very long story. 

Oh! Thank you! I heard you so clearly this morning- it was wonderful for me.

It is a special time for the human mind, still half in/half out of full consciousness, fresh from the night’s travels.

I could not think how I would record such talks, if I were meant to share… 

You will learn. It shall become clear in time. For now, savor the communion between us- it is very joyful for us also. 

Mama, you feel closer than my heart beat. 

I Am your heart beat.  {wow! <3}

Because I exist in physicality, I am everywhere, in and around each of you.

Well, as we say “I’ll dine out on that for a month!”  May I share it? 

“I am your heart beat” ? Of course. Use it in your communications any way you would like. A small quote is as good as a long one!  It is to establish the connection, the communion, the union one with another, including All.  That is communication.   Not that some are privileged to hear and others not.  Some are open and more easily able to hear, and have the desire and the training.  You have received this training in the mystery schools of long ago. This is easy for you.  It must be easy.  Straining does not work.  One has the desire, deeply, a longing for union, then comes the openness of heart/mind/throat, then the communion.  Communication flows easily from this point. The well is built of stone and mortar (desire), water (stillness) enters and fills it up (communion), then overflows/or allows itself to be contained in buckets/pots for transportation, for sharing with all (communication).  You see? It is simple.  Long ago you built the well and the water of communion filled your well.  This is natural for you.  Enjoy it, my beloved daughter. 

I am joyful of this communion with you today.  

Enjoy. Re-joice and know that I am here with you.      {<3<3<3}

Conversations with Company of Heaven-Part 1

Rob: This is Rob intending to have a conversation with my primary guide, my beloved Humfire … Humfries. Please come talk to me. I know you’ve said it’s not our way to communicate so much this way. It’s more nonverbal, but there’s no reason we can’t. I open myself to have a conversation with you.

Got any topic you’d like to discuss? The card I drew is from Yeshua speaking of love, the notion of unconditional love, love of self, love of others. I’d first like to say, I love you, and I’m so grateful you are with me.

To continue reading: http://blog.loveland-slc.com

(VERy exciting!! Rob has been channeling all 13 of his own Spiritual Guides and this is the first installment of that series… click the link to his coaching site blog and ENJOY! ~ Jennifer )

Lightworkers as Lighthouses

by Rob Loveland, June 27th, 2022

Many lightworkers find themselves at a crossroad, struggling with what they should be doing in these times of increasing turmoil. I was in that same boat … for many years. We prepare by honing our spiritual skills, all the while hoping for clarity regarding when they will be needed. Some may, in fact, hear a clear calling to take a particular action, and to them I say, godspeed!

However, for most of the rest of us, we carry on, operating on faith and trust that the clarity will come, while feeling some amount of uneasiness that we aren’t doing enough. Our intention (and, in fact, primary purpose) is to be of service to others, but we just don’t know what form that should take.

For me, that clarity is starting to come. I have learned in this past year that we are actually doing far more than we think, just by being here holding the light and love for others, even when it appears that we are doing nothing. Even during this time of ascension to a higher state of being, when so many are looking for guidance and help, the only thing we can offer is to help point the way. We can never do the work for another. As Sanat Kumara says, that would be highway robbery — none of us wants to rob another of their opportunity to learn and grow. At the end of the day, the journey of ascension must be travelled by each soul individually … and yet we are doing it collectively.

But, what lightworkers CAN do is to act as a lighthouse in a storm. And, surely, you would agree that it feels like a storm blowing out there right now! The lighthouse is the perfect metaphor. After all, it’s sole function is to beam its light as a guide for others. As I’ve said in the meme below, “The essence of a lighthouse is that it never engages in the storm;

it just lets the storm blow around it, secure in the knowledge that it derives the fuel for its light from its own protected core. Those who need the light for guidance will find it.”

Our team in the creation process: a channeling

Jennifer channeling   3/29/22   Archangel Jophiel *

“I am Jophiel.   I have been waiting with Jeshua to speak with you.  My friend of old, my friend of new. You have been sensing my presence with you, in great joy,  great joy, indeed, my darling.  

I am most happy to be present with each of you, on this day, as you begin your circle anew, your circle of companionship, your circle of presence, your circle of love. I honor you and bless you for being open and willing to bring in messages of love and encouragement, messages of hope, messages of vision, from the depths of your hearts, the heights of your hopes.  We are thrilled to see what you are bringing forth on Mother Earth at this time.  

We are greatly grateful, warmly encouraging. Your energy is extremely helpful at this time.  We are with you, next to you,  squeezing into the circle.  We feel you, we know you, we love you. We honor you for being us on the Mother, feet on the sacred earth, in the dust, in the mud, in the water, in the sand.  Thank you for being us All, us All, in human form, at this time, grounding the energies of love, energies of peace, the energies of the coming Thousand Years of Peace.

This is a great and glorious time in our mission together.  We are all thrilled and we share this with you, that we may dance, so that you may know your joy- to the fullest.  Because through that joy you are birthing All that Is to bless one another, to bless our dear Gaia – Great Mother in human form, Great Mother in Earth form, Great Mother to all of you, Great Mother to all of us.”

*Note: AA Jophiel, according to Linda Dillon, is the only Archangel to have taken form in a human life. AA Jophiel lived on Earth as Joseph, husband of Mary, and father to Jeshua and his siblings during the times referred to in the Bible’s New Testament. Amazing to think about, isn’t it?

Heart Musings

by Jennifer

Oct. 2021. All summer I had the most amazing experience of finding hearts everywhere I looked. On my daily walks around the neighborhood and along the shore, I kept catching glimpses of heart shapes ~ in rocks, trees, leaves, mushrooms, even shadows. Every time I did, it felt like a miracle. If I left the house feeling downhearted, I would usually find one or two reasons to smile, in the form of a heart surprise. I began to document all the instances of hearts and now have 90 pictures on my phone!

What do they mean? Is my brain just tuning in to the shape and finding examples to confirms its bias? If so, it is a God-given ability. While I wondered, I began to perceive it as a form of communication, a divine conversation in shapes from Mother Earth… who never fails to encourage me and cheer me up. Basically Gaia is saying: I love you. the elemental kingdoms (Plant and Mineral) are winking and waving, saying “We, too, are here on Nova Earth! All is not lost, things are getting brighter… every day.” Here are a few of my favorite heart pics taken recently: