A Message from Quan Yin

Jennifer: Quan Yin  Channeled 10/11/22  

(To our channeling group and to all of us as wayshowers)

Greetings, beloved ones, I am Quan Yin. I’m excited to be with you in this way. It is a pleasure, it is a beautiful experience for our energy to conjoin through you and to have the opportunity to form words, to form the flow of the energies which will do many things ~ console and enlighten, reassure, bless and bring lightness, humor, bring explanations and various kinds of information. We delight in being present for you in this way. 

It is a great honor for us and I bow and touch your feet.  I thank you for the many ways in which you have opened yourselves to our energies, the many ways that you continue to dedicate your hearts. You are each of you a beautiful glass vase with a light streaming through full of the water of life. And each of you is a beautiful rose, a beautiful lotus a beautiful flower with your crystal pink. Holding open to the sun, the radiance of All That Is  ~you are beautiful children of Source and we delight in watching you. 

We have this day discussed much which is huge and could be felt as ominous, so I wish to bring to you a scaling down to a place where, yes, you know about that and you will be prepared. But you will not carry with you any sense of the ominous as you go forward. It will be as though you have wrapped it in cotton wool and put it into your knitting basket. So do not worry at this time of what is to come. Much channeling focuses on details of projection into the future. And you know that this is not always accurate and you know that many times people are embarrassed, in fact, by their pronouncements. So as a group you are wise to not attempt to or desire deeply to discuss what is coming but more to have within you the knowing of your deep preparation and your deep longing to be of service and your deep knowing that you have come to fulfill your purpose. 

It is so clear and each of you have many many, many, many cohorts on the earth at this time who will be supporting you. So again, be the cells of the body, alive and light and caring for yourselves and each other, encouraging and loving yourselves and each other, and then carry on. Carry on with this, because, as you know, it is the innocence. It is the innocence of the children and their deep knowing of truth and their deep knowing of connection, and their beings as love, that allows them to be shielded from the worst of the suffering that many do experience when there is any enormous event of any kind in their lives. So they have a natural buffer. So I’m speaking to you to carry your purity, your innocence, your openness ~ and know that this is your strength. This is your destiny. So thank you for receiving my transmission this day. I am delighted to be here. And I will be with you again. Farewell for now. 

She is handing each of us a rose. Thank you, that was pretty cool and special. Thank you. 

Jennifer Donaldson: Quan Yin  Channeled 10/11/22

Archangel Mikael on Living Truth

[The guidance from the Archangels regarding Truth continues … Rob]

AA Mikael: I am Mikael, with my Blue Sword and my Blue Shield, here to talk about living truth.

I know you’re not a particular fan of the imagery of the Blue Sword — it seems as an instrument of violence — but that’s not its purpose at all. It is to cut away whatever does not serve, to achieve the clarity on what is truth, to clear the way so that the path is clear. All that Yeshua has expressed is truth, and you are — all of you are — living that truth, understanding who you are and ultimately why you are here.

You are the instruments on planet of the Living God! You are part and parcel of the Godhead. Step into that. Be that! Know that! And when you do, the light from that source, which is within you always, will shine forth. It cannot do otherwise! And all others around you, animate and inanimate, will see that light, will feel that light, and know they are in the presence of the Divine.

Stop being afraid to allow your light to shine. As Yeshua said when he was on planet, do not hide your light under a bushel. Let it flow!

Archangel Jophiel on being a Guardian and Champion of Truth

[I channeled this while preparing for our recent webinar on Living Truth. It contains a message for all Lightworkers. — Rob]

Archangel Jophiel: I am Jophiel, the bringer of the future. There is so much angst in the world right now about what the future will bring. So much of it is unnecessary. The future will come exactly as it is meant to be.

Your role as the Guardians and Champions of Truth is to just BE. Be yourself. As Gabrielle has said previously, be that demonstration of Truth. If you do this, the future will take care of itself.

So much that you see is not of the Truth, but do not worry about it. Events are unfolding to encourage people to wake up to the truth that they are. That must first come by questioning what they see around them, which encourages them to go within and to seek answers from the only place that is meaningful. This is where they discover — or relearn — their spiritual selves. This is all they need. This is all anyone needs — the realization of who they are.

We are all One, and when people come to that understanding, conflict will disappear as people come to understand that holding any ill-will against another is really doing so to themselves. And as they understand the futility of that, then it will cease.

This is the hope of the future, and it WILL be. The Father and the Mother have willed it to be so, and it will be!

So go in peace with the understanding that all is well, because all is Love. You are deeply loved, and that will never change. Take care of yourselves. Farewell. 

We are One! … but what does that mean?!

By Rob Loveland

The Law of Unification/Unity speaks to achieving Unity Consciousness, because we have all heard that “We are One!” But, what does that mean?!  How can I be one with, i.e. the same as, someone who is engaged in acts which I find reprehensible … or everyday objects like that rock over there … or that tree?  For a long time, that concept was hard for me to wrap my head around!  

The Council of Love, channeled by Linda Dillon, explains that this Universal Law “illustrates that in the center, in balance, where all are loved equally — there is no hierarchy, control, oppression. There is brotherhood, sisterhood, heart connection, community, global family, peace, Love, joy, harmony, and Oneness with all that we see.”  But, again, how can I be a brother or have a heart connection with someone or something with which I feel no overt connection?

Regardless of my initial confusion, this idea kept presenting itself to me.  One of the most common examples, at least among yoga practitioners and lightworkers, is the Hindu greeting “Namaste.”  It literally means, “I humbly bow to you”, but it is understood as an acknowledgement of the equality of all, and pays honor to the oneness, and therefore sacredness, of all.  My favorite translation of this gets to the deeper, intended meaning, which is “I honor the place in you where we are one.

It’s clear that this idea of the oneness of all things has been around for a very long time, but it wasn’t an idea that naturally resonated with me.

So, what was it that convinced me of the truth that we are all one?  After years of spiritual study, I came upon a teaching that encapsulated the concept so completely, yet so simply, that I finally “got it.”  My Ah-ha moment came when I fully considered the very profound teaching from A Course in Miracles:

“Ideas of the spirit do not leave the mind that thinks them, nor can they conflict with each other.” [T-5.IV.3:5]

 This was reiterated later as:

“Ideas leave not their source, and their effects but seem to be apart from them.” [T-26.VII.4:7]

With this in mind, it finally dawned on me that I am an idea of God, that is I was created as an individualized soul because God had the idea that I should be so.  If that is true, and ideas leave not their source, then I exist (and always will) in the Mind of God.  And come to think of it, if one believes that God is the Creator of all in the universe, then that concept is also true of everything in the universe, animate or inanimate!  Therefore, EVERYTHING exists in the Mind of God and has some level of consciousness because God’s mind is always active!  This means we are part of God, we are divine, and we are all the same!  We ARE One … with God and with everything that God created!  How simple and straightforward is that?!

Once that epiphany sank in, I started to see hints of this truth in other, more familiar teachings.  For instance, Jesus hinted at the truth of this when he prayed for his disciples:

“I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.” [John 11:20-21]

Coming to realize the truth of this is really why we are here. THIS is our grand learning experience, a point expressed perfectly by the Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele on October 2, 2022:

“Separation is a dream that has hypnotized the people of earth for a very long time but increasingly more are ready to accept and live from a higher level of awareness.

“It is impossible for any form of life to be separate from God. How could anything exist outside of that which is omnipresent? Do you believe in an omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent God, or do you not? It is important to ask yourself this question.”

So, with this new understanding, it’s so much easier to get behind the admonishment to “see God in everything,” but we could also just as easily see ourselves in everything, because all things are one in God.  How, then, can we not see the brotherhood, sisterhood, heart connection, community, global family, peace, Love, joy, harmony, and Oneness with all that we see?  Surely, this idea alone will affect every action we take and every thought we have about anything seemingly outside of us … because it’s not!

Namaste, everyone!  I honor the place in you where we are one!

The Wondrous Cycle

Divine Mother’s Message ~  channeled by Jennifer 

Hello, Beloved Ones. 

I am the Divine Mother, your Mother, Mother of All, the Mother who loves, caresses, rears, nurtures and supports each one of you, always, in your learning and your growing.  If you have any difficulties at all, I am aware of them before you speak. But if you use your choice and you speak, then, in fact, you are opening the door for us to respond to you, because it is all hinged on this mechanism of your freewill choice. 

Beloved Ones, we are here for you always, as you know, when you have reached out to us in your pain or your anger, your angst. You do receive the comfort of your angels and guides and your Mother and Father. We are always present for you. But we stand by, so to speak, without interference in your life. So know that all the patterns, all of the kaleidoscopes of your days and nights, all of the beauty and struggle and surprises and challenges, all are a beautiful part of what you yourself designed to experience. 

The most difficult of all, for the human, is to maintain belief in Separation, which of course is Untruth and yet it allows you to play the game. It allows you to immerse yourself in the experience of being human in the lower dimensions. These are the only dimensions in which there is separation and it is only allowed because it is again your collective choice. “What if,” You said to us and to yourselves and each other: “What if we were to take a miraculous journey of adventure to a place where we forgot who we were? Where we forgot our own dearest selves in continuous connection with all life, with all others, with Mother/Father/All, with All Love?”

You, yourselves, Beloved Ones, chose this perspective, because you were excited at the challenge, because you understood that you could, in fact, make your way back. You knew that you could develop the understanding of Truth, as it lives within you. And it is mirrored all around you in the cycles of nature. It is mirrored all around you in the revival of Spring each year and in the way that all is connected. 

If one were to take the example of the snowflake falling. It comes from a beautiful grouping of moisture called “cloud”.  It gently settles down onto Earth in its beautiful individuality. And then if it is warm enough, Earth melts, warmth melts this beautiful snowflake back into continuous beingness, as part of the water cycle.  

And you see you are all in a wondrous cycle of life, a cycle of birth, formation, and creativity, and movement.  And you are at times rising and at times falling, at times forming and at times dissolving.  You are all in an exquisite dance of creation, of the fulfillment of life, fulfilling itself, of life, moving and opening and spreading and combining and becoming and exhilarating, just being so happy to be itself, in its own beautiful expression of uniqueness. And then you connect to others and you become part of this great bouquet of life, this great, exquisite panoply of creation. 

You are a part, and a beautiful part, and a treasured part and a beloved part. And when you are in connection with all else, you are simultaneously whole –  a part and whole. But when you are in the lower dimensions, specifically the third, you are most aware of the a-part, a-partness, the se-par-a-tion, and that is why we call it separation.

It is such an easy thing to understand and yet your beautiful – convoluted, may I say- brains, minds, will create so much confusion if given free rein, will create so much screen, so much scrim, haze, obfuscation (a new word that we love, which is to confuse and to hide behind.) And so we delight in your creations.  We know that some of your games give you great pain. We are feeling with you. We are aware of you at all times. And we are sharing in your adventures at all times, even the most painful ones.  

Beloved Ones, know that you are never alone. You are never, ever, truly, truly alone.  And having the great delight and pleasure of forming these words for you today, I will now gently and gratefully recede, take my leave – I am not gone, but merely stepping back to where you will feel me,  feel me, anytime you like, but you will also know, firsthand, your Own Being.  We love you and always will. Farewell. 

Channeled by Jennifer Donaldson 2022

Archangel Gabrielle: More on Joy

[It seems the Company of Heaven is stressing the importance of focusing on Joy in these times. It certainly beats the alternative! 😉 — Rob]

Rob: Gabrielle, thank you for sending the card of Joy again.  It was a good reminder for me. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed — lots of things to do. I just need to get about doing them. I still have some worries about the coming changes. Am I prepared enough? Do you have any advice to share?

AA Gabrielle: Thank you, Rob, for inviting me. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you. It’s always a pleasure to talk to anyone who chooses. This is my role as the Lily of Love, the Golden Trumpet. One of my primary roles is to be the communicator for the Throne of Heaven, so, again, it’s always my pleasure to welcome all to have such a conversation at any time of your choosing. I am always here. I’m always available.

And, Rob, please be at peace about the coming changes. They are a time of great excitement. All on this side of the very thin veil now are so excited about the events that are upcoming, and we understand that the base portions of you, the portions that are worried about survival, are concerned about the events. You need not be. And please don’t let the ego drive you to put pressure on yourself to do things that you’re not comfortable doing. Relax. You will be taken care of. The lilies of the field do not toil, and yet they stand in their beauty, bringing joy to all who witness.

As you know, Joy is a choice. …

El Morya on the Wisdom of Just BEing

[I spend a fair amount of time contemplating what I should be doing to further my understanding of my mission, but El Morya shed a different light on that notion! — Rob]

Rob: I invite in El Morya. I pulled the card today on Wisdom. Perhaps you have something to tell me regarding that.

El Morya: Thank you, Rob, for inviting me today. It’s true, one of the themes of the day is to just BE. For those on planet Earth, this is a central aspect of the wisdom you need to learn. Actually, it’s not learning so much as realizing you already know this. If you could just get out of your way long enough to realize it.

And when we say just BE, that means to KNOW your connection with the Divine, with the Infinite. Connection is not something you need to develop. The connection is always there. Get out of the way and FEEL the connection. Know at the deepest core of your being that that connection is actually who you are.

Regarding the notion of “doing,” there’s nothing wrong with taking active steps as you are guided BY your connection to further the Mother’s plan. But just being here and realizing that connection is allowing you to influence all those around you, even those you don’t see, to understand their own connection.

Rob: Thank you, El Morya. Is there anything else to share?

El Morya: That’s enough for now. You all are doing wonderfully. It’s enough to just get together and share yourselves with each other. That’s part of the connection. Go with my love.

Rob: Thank you!

Archangel Gabrielle on the Need to Focus on Joy

[Recently, after having a particularly trying day, the next day I drew several Sacred Inspiration cards to see who in the Council of Love might have a message for me — the two cards I drew back-to-back were from Archangel Gabrielle, one on Joy and one on the Keys to Heaven.  Well, that settled that!  — Rob]

Rob: Gabrielle, I sense that you would like to talk about the events of yesterday. It was a difficult day for me. Nothing seemed to be going right. I found my way through though. Do you have any insights to share?

Gabrielle: Thank you Rob. Yes, you have discerned correctly. I just wanted to follow up with you as a teaching opportunity. The events yesterday were put on your path as something of a test to give you the opportunity to react with love, trust, forgiveness, unity, compassion, and balance (i.e. the Keys to Heaven — Rob).

On the whole, you did pretty well. We still have issues to work through when you’re behind the wheel of a car. And, as you know, more often than not, the sense of angst you feel when driving is driven by your sense of being late, your sense of TIME. I need not remind you that there is no time. There is only the eternal Now. So when you’re driving, keep the keys to the kingdom of heaven close in your heart. Feel the love for all other drivers. Trust that they are fulfilling their own role on their own path, on their own timeline for the greatest good. Forgive them for what you perceive as inconsiderate behavior, but more importantly, forgive yourself for thinking that their behavior is inconsiderate. They’re just going about their day, same as you. Keep in mind the Unity Consciousness. You’re all one. No one’s out to get you. No one’s behaving that way intentionally to slight you. And, in the end, go through the trying situations from a position of balance.

You were forgetting things in the morning before you left as a result of feeling pressured by time. There is no time, so there is no pressure. You can bend time to your will as you need. So trust that it’ll all work out the way it’s supposed to.

I don’t come to you today, Rob, in any way to chastise you. As you know, we love you dearly. I only come to you to increase your awareness, to encourage you to maintain that place of peace and calm, keeping in mind the keys to the kingdom in all situations. This will be a skill that you will have to rely on to a far greater degree in the very near future.

Things are happening now, Rob, and they’re happening for YOU in your plan as well. You see this. You are fulfilling the role that you came here to perform. We could not be more pleased at your progress.

Throughout all that is coming, I just want you to focus on the Joy.

Universal Mother Mary on What Lightworkers Should Be Doing

[This is from July, but it’s still relevant … especially given the seeming craziness of world events.  — Rob]

Rob: I invite in Universal Mother Mary. I feel she has something to say today. Mary, won’t you join me?

UMM: Hello, Rob. Instead of sitting on the bench, why don’t we take a stroll down to the water’s edge?

Rob: Mother, I’ve been seeing many messages lately about what we should be DOING in order to bring about the changes that we wish to see, that it isn’t so much ACTIVE doing. All the work is internal — the breathing exercises, feeling the love, and projecting that. Do you have anything to say about that?

UMM: Yes, Rob, that is the whole message for everyone right now. Stop being anxious about what may or may not happen. There will be a lot of changes coming. It’s started already. Let go of the desire to understand what will be. Stay in your heart. Breathe in the love. Breathe it out to all that you see. That, in itself, is the action that we’re asking you to take on at the moment.

Let those who are charged with making the change do their job, but you, as lightworkers, your job [is to] feel the love, feel the JOY in the love, [and then] project that to ALL others, all that you see, to all of nature, to Gaia, not just to humanity.

The whole notion of duality is a construct of humanity’s own making. You are co-creators of the universe, and this is the reality you’ve created here.

But humanity has identified with one side or the other for too long. You’ve missed the point. There is no separation. There is no duality. It’s all the same. They’re just experiences — two sides of the same coin, as it were. But it’s one coin, meant to offer you experiences of all sides!

Transitioning to Nova Gaians with Sanat Kumara

[ I channeled this in July 2022, but it seem pertinent and useful for the events of today.  – Rob ]

Sanat Kumara

Rob: I invite Sanat Kumara to join me in my special place, to sit with me to just talk.

Raj, thank you for joining me. I know you’re rather busy. I don’t have anything in particular to talk about, any burning questions. There’s always the notion of what will happen next on Earth for us to transition to become Nova Gaians and how society will function on Nova Earth.

Sanat Kumara (Raj): Good afternoon, Rob. Thank you for asking me to join you.

I know your morning has been rather chaotic, and it’s hard to concentrate when there’s so much going on. (And the dog is now out there barking). But we shall persevere. This does help make the point, however, that it really doesn’t matter what is going on in your life. You can always connect to spirit, for you ARE spirit. It’s your natural connection to all of us. You actually have stepped down your capacities in order to live this life in physical reality, so connecting with spirit is simply a matter of ignoring what is in the physical and retuning your consciousness, your attention, to what is actually more natural for you — your connection to the spirit world.

It’s actually rather limiting to refer to it as the spirit world, for it’s not a single world. It is the collection of ALL things, ALL of creation. And I know it’s difficult to wrap your head around that, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

And, yes, you have talked recently about the images that are coming from the James Webb Space Telescope. Pretty phenomenal, is it not? Just one image from that telescope shows you the magnitude of what a universe is — the sheer number of galaxies, the number of stars within each one, the number of planets revolving around each of those stars! The scale IS mind-boggling, and yet at the same time, it’s very simple.

There are so many because there are so many of you wishing to create a piece of the universe, as a co-Creator of the universe. All are simply manifestations of the experiences you wish to have in a physical form. Also consider the reality that what this telescope is showing you are the reaches of a single universe, a single reality. But there is a multiverse. There are more than one. Now the scale and the implications become truly mind-boggling!

So what is it that you need to do to transition to being a Nova Gaian?